jQuery Lifestream – Create a stream of your online activity

Sep 18, 2016
jQuery api
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jQuery Lifestream is a plugin that lets you create a stream of your on-line exercise. It helps a mess of providers.

It at present helps the next feeds: Bitbucket, Bitly, Blogger, Digg, Dailymotion, Scrumptious, DeviantART, Dribbble, Fb Pages, Flickr, Formspring, Forrst, Foursquare, Github, Google Reader, Instapaper, Iusethis, Final.fm, LibraryThing.com, Mlkshk, PicPlz, Pinboard, Posterous, Reddit, Slideshare, Snipplr, Stackoverflow, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Wikipedia, WordPress & Youtube.