Two.js : Two-dimensional Drawing API

Sep 13, 2016
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A two-dimensional drawing api meant for contemporary browsers. It’s renderer agnostic enabling the identical api to render in a number of contexts: webgl, canvas2d, and svg.Two.js is deeply impressed by flat movement graphics. Consequently, two.js goals to make the creation and animation of flat shapes simpler and extra concise. On the time of this writing two.js sadly does not help textual content or pictures.

Two.js has a inbuilt animation loop. It’s easy in nature and could be automated or paired with one other animation library.At its core two.js depends on a scenegraph. Which means if you draw or create an object (a Two.Polygon or Two.Group), two truly shops and remembers that. After you make the thing you possibly can apply any variety of operations to it — e.g: rotation, translation, scale, and so forth..

Two.js : Two-dimensional Drawing API
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